Sarah Gresser

Sarah Gresser is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England
Sarah Gresser


Hi, I'm Sarah and I run Holistic Intentions.  Holistic Intentions is a mobile therapy service offered in and around Rotherham.

My ultimate aim for clients is the promotion of health and wellbeing through the use of energy therapies.




My passion for assisting others is lifelong.  Initially my worklife reflected this as a qualified nurse.  Even during this time, my interest for all things holistic and energy based was evident.  For as much as I loved my job, it still felt obvious that the medical model was missing a valuable element in the health and wellbeing of individuals.  Even when patients were discribed as fixed/healed etc. they didnt necessarily 'feel' well. 

We are clearly more than a series of parts that can malfunction and breakdown.  We are more than just the physical that we see and feel.  Theres a part of us that science may not be able to X-Ray, analyse, or explain, yet it is there and it needs addressing.

I became a Reflexologist back in 1999 to enable me to use this therapy on the patients I was working with at the time.  This was working with individuals who required long term/lifelong care following brain/spinal injuries.  Following my Reflexology qualification I started my journey with Reiki and more recently discovered and fell in love with EFT.

I continue to love assisting others, and feel more than ever that through energy therapies, individuals are not only promoting restoration of their health, but their entire being.

I look forward to assisting you towards your best self.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this profile and if you do reside in Rotherham you are welcome to contact me regarding availability of sessions.

I also have a facebook page - holistic intentions, where I share information, positivity, holistic thinking and the promotion of happiness....:-)

Have a great day.

Sarah x


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